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We are a young start up looking to provide a comprehensive One Stop Solution for all Schooling needs.

We at Acuver Edu Conzult Pvt Ltd are passionate about providing a full suite of products, programs, and services from Kindergarten to Grade 12. We are committed to helping schools to serve their parents more effectively and run their schools more efficiently.

We are also specialised in providing services in the field of Sports and Performing Arts. From developing age appropriate curriculum, providing well trained and qualified trainers, conducting fitness tests and talent hunts, assuring accurate assessment, training students for competitive events.

We conduct various teacher training modules, continuous monitoring and quality assurance and by providing professional expertise and guidance. 

Research has shown that schools often find it difficult to get well trained qualified trainers to conduct their extra-curricular as well as co curricular activities. This results in neglecting the pedagogy and a compromise in the delivery of the classes which in turn hampers children’s development. 

We at Acuver aim to bridge this gap by providing the best service and expertise to ensure highest quality education in the field of Sports and Performing Arts. 


Everyone is a champion and a champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning.


Providing a development plan to nurture every child's talent in the field of sports and performing arts and helping them actualize their optimum potential