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Welcome to Acuver. India's first One Stop Solution for all schooling needs. We specialise in providing integrated sports and performing arts programs as well as organising School Events and Educational Travel.
Our purpose is to assist educational institutions in providing their students with a holistic educational experience.
We have been working with leading school brands and successfully running their programs for over two decades. We are equipped with a passionate team who strive for excellence across all our business verticals.
Established in the year 2016 an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we now have offices in Mumbai, Benguluru and Pune. Acuver Edu Conzult Pvt. Ltd. has been driven by the purpose of providing professional excellence.
We are nice people to work with. We are a passionate bunch. We love what we do and that’s why we work tirelessly!
So next time you think of School Sports and Performing Arts programs, School Events & Competitions, Sports Days, Annual Days, Educational travels ; think of Acuver.


  • OUR BELIEF - Everyone is a champion and a champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning.
  • OUR MISSION - Providing a development plan to nurture every child's talent in the field of sports and performing arts and helping them actualize their optimum potential.


At Acuver our approach is child-centric. We understand the importance of fitness for children whether it is physical or mental fitness. All our programs, products and services, whether it is our sports and performing arts program, our training modules, our recruitment services, events etc. are all designed with this as our focal point.
By providing a whole range of services like Integrated Sports and Performing Arts, Coaches, Age appropriate Curriculum, Quality Assurance check, Train The Trainer Program, Assessment of Students, After School Program and organising inter house competitions, inter school tournaments, annual sports days, annual Cultural days etc. we cater to the needs of students, parents, teachers, coaches as well as educational institutes.


Selecting the right school for their children is one of the most important decisions that parents have to make in their lives. At this time they look for Schools with Academic as well as sports excellence. Choosing the right sports partner is therefore, a very crucial decision for schools.
With our educational system changing at an unprecedented pace, schools must provide education that goes beyond Academics’ and fosters overall developments skills.
After having worked with 2 major school groups in India for more than 20 years and after a successful career in the Schools’ Sports program, I founded Acuver Edu Conzult Pvt Ltd, India’s first one stop solution company for all schooling needs in the field of sports and performing arts. Whether it is Schools Events, Edu Travels, in- school after school programs, inter-school competitions etc. we take care of the entire responsibility.
We believe that school is a place where children should receive right sports education, guidance and encouragement from the good Coaches. We give our students wings of aspiration to become champions so that they can represent school, districts, state and so on..
Along with sports excellence we also focus on developing their soft skills through the medium of our performing arts education.
Our commitment at Acuver is to focus on fun, fitness, skills and competitions with a holistic approach to education. Guided by a team of well qualified, committed and passionate staff and backed by different innovative methodology we strive for professional excellence.

Acuver Edu Conzult Pvt. Ltd.

Shaji Kuttiani



Acuver Edu Conzult Pvt. Ltd.
004, Dharma Nagar CHS
Dharma Nagar, Opp. Aura Hotel,
Off Link Road, Yogi Nagar,
Borivli West, Mumbai 400091.


Phone: +91 22 28687620
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