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Glocal Affairs has earned expertise in organizing Events with full zest and zeal under our skilled personnel. Every event at school is a learning experience for students. It is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and capabilities and learn new skills. On-campus Social events help develop social skills and empathy in children. Participating in these events can be quite refreshing for the students.
However, organizing any event in school can be a great challenge. It requires a lot of systematic planning & coordination to make the event a grand success. In the case of Annual Days, Dance, Music and Drama activities are to be integrated into Theme Based Script which has to be directed and presented to our audience. The same is the case with School Annual sports days, School Carnivals etc. where games and sports events can be planned according to a pre decided theme.
With rich industry experience in event management, we specialize in organising Annual Day, Sports day, Carnival etc. for our clients. Our services are appreciated by our clients for on time execution and promptness that we provide in accordance of client’s specifications.
Associating with Team Glocal Affairs, who has been in school event planning services for more than 20 years, will ease the school’s responsibility by ensuring that the event is executed smoothly and successfully.


We have a team of experienced and trained staff who take up the entire responsibility right from ideation & conceptualization to the final execution of the event.

  • Ideation for the theme
  • Planning the Entire Flow of Events
  • Technical support
  • Overall coordination & management.
  • Photography & Videography
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