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Acuver works with schools to implement Integrated Sports and Performing Arts programs.
Our programs look at sports& performing arts as a mainstream formal subject.

We believe that with our educational system changing at an unprecedented pace, schools must provide education that goes beyond Academics’ and fosters overall developments skills.
Our various sports programs are designed to evolve the physical fitness of children through a comprehensive and structured annual curriculum. We integrate learning with fun filled activities and games while ensuring utmost safety of children. Our expert panel of sports specialists, coaches and fitness instructors proffer their best training to this generation of youngsters who need to be awakened from a sedentary life pattern.

We work to give every child a sporting start in life through high quality PE and sport education in schools we promote Healthy Active Life style and provide exposure to Competitive school Sports.

Along with sports excellence we also focus on developing their soft skills through the medium of our performing arts education .

Our performing arts programs are based on multiple objectives, to name a few; developing self-confidence, instilling a sense of rhythm, the ability to express emotions, overcoming stage fear, improving concentration and coordination, and enhancing overall personality.

Through our structured, progressive and child centric curriculum, we give children an opportunity to explore their innate capabilities and maximize their optimum potential.


  • Integrated Sports and Performing Arts
  • Trained Coaches
  • Age appropriate Curriculum
  • Quality Assurance check
  • Train The Trainer Programs
  • Assessment of Students
  • Events – Annual Sports Days And School Annual Day
  • Inter House And Inter School Competitions.
  • After School Program

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Acuver Edu Conzult Pvt. Ltd.
004, Dharma Nagar CHS, LTD
Dharma Nagar, Opp. Aura Hotel, Off Link Road, Yogi Nagar, Borivli West, Mumbai 400091.


Phone: +91 22 28687620

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